Saturday Night.

Last night, I hung out with this kid Joe. A friend of my friends that works at Blockbuster. He is friendly, but kind of nerdy in that whole “Metal Scene” way. The punk rock MySpace boy who I’ve been hanging around with called me throughout the day because he wanted to hang out, and this one boy from Orlando was also blowin’ up my phone. Since I haven’t hung out with Joe before, I thought I’d give it a shot.

He lives in the exact same apartment building as that creepy asexual Blockbuster guy Tim (why’s everybody gotta be related to Blockbuster?), only he keeps his place way nicer. When I arrived, he his friend Jay were playing Guitar Hero II, so we played that for an hour or so (Woo! Free Bird! Play some Skynyrd! Yeah!)

I brought over a lot of different movies because I didn’t know what everyone wanted to watch: Cecil B. Demented (“Family is just a dirty word for censorship!”), High Fidelity, The Shining, Aliensup3/sup, Being John Malkovich (since I wanted to get my rental’s worth). We ended up watching Cecil B. Demented (awesome), Jay left after (he didn’t really like the movie), and then we got free food from Taco Bell. Later when we got back, we watched Aliensup3/sup, and I’ve never really met anyone that likes that film. I think he was very impressed in my movie tastes, as we talked about the Alien Predator franchise. Also, he fires back insults as quick as I dish them out. That is actually really refreshing.

He also said I was intimidating. Every boy I’ve met lately has remarked that I am intimidating. Mon deur! Je ne suis pas! I talk more than any of the girls they usually hang around with… I think I’m far more interesting ♥. It did seem like he didn’t want me to get bored to the point that I noticed; he kept asking me what movie I wanted to watch. I’m perfectly content conversing or watching a movie. Doesn’t matter to me. But I could definitely sense a little bit of nervousness… he also talked for short stints of time at the wall instead of me. Look at me, I’m a body language expert all of the sudden.

Overall, I’d hang out with him again. We’re going to the Cradle of Filth/69 Eyes show together; free tickets pretty much rock. He even walked me downstairs to my car because it was four ay em & no one should be wandering around Cocoa Village at such an ungodly hour. That was really kind.

When I got back home, punk rock MySpace boy had sent me a message, admitting he was a little jealous that I hung out with this other kid Joe. Not a good deal for obvious reasons; I hope he doesn’t get too attached. I’ve told him what I’m looking for right now, for friends. Let’s hope he doesn’t really mean what he said!

Haven’t posted a photo in like, almost a week. What gives.

This whole recap sounded like a movie review, but for a person. Maybe that is a good format to pursue…

& why is Gwen Stefani insisting on snagging riffs from beloved musicals? First Fiddler on the Roof, now The Sound of Music. Yeah they’re really catchy… I’m not complaining, it sounds really different from most things on the radio right now.

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      • What about composure? You’re the one posting the conversation in LiveJournal. Good one…

        You’re “Irish” insult makes no sence. & it was completely random & insulting just for the sake of it. Atleast everything I said has a POINT.

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