SAT Saturday

yesterday was my SAT’s. i fumbled out of bed at 6.50am. i had to be at merritt island high, my testing center, at 7.45am. what hideous torture is this? ya, tell me about it. i picked up my admission ticket off my desk and it says: “be at your testing center between 8 and 8.15am. i could have slept 15 more minutes! a quarter of an hour! nevermind it, i get all the sleepy off my face and throw a package of pencils in my purse and head out at 7.45.

when i got there, the line was all the way from the deans office around the building to the senior parking lot. craptacular. so i head to the back, and this loud hick-ish girl is in front of me squawking about grad night. behind me were dumb girls saying “what’s that called when the word is the same forwards and backwards? i dunno…v something?” i turned around and snarled, “palindrome”. after i tuned them out, the line went surprisingly fast.

i set off for my testing room and krysten marlette is in there. fancy that. and a kid in front of me was sporting a godly rob zombie shirt. it had a really hot girl on the back, in a russian fur hat with a star, and a tiny shirt and a really small bikini bottom. yes, godly. so that was exciting. and me and the zombie kid exchanged “hot girls” because i was wearing my bettie page shirt, and had my cowgirl bag with me. he won. damn.

the test itself was not that difficult. the hardest math was geometry, and the most difficult of the english was some of the words i didn’t know. i’ll be sure to post my scores as soon as i get ’em. unless they’re really bad. then i’ll just lie.

after the test, matty picked me up and took me to denny’s for lunch. how wonderful! even if i did beat him there. take that. ooh, ‘man in the box’ is on the radio. yep.

when i got home, since it was my dog’s birthday, i took him for a long walk. i also took my cam along and snapped some pics of the house i want to live in when i grow up. it’s the most beautiful house ever.

and on the way i saw the pretties flowers. why are they in florida?

later, me and matty went shopping. as i drove there, sporting my hair in pigtails and wearing vintage 80’s sunglasses, i flew down the road singing “material girl”. i don’t think anyone stared too long. but anyways, matty sneaked into the dressing room in penny’s. he’s a good clothes hanger, every girl should have one. i bought some light blue jean capris that came with a PINK belt, a black shirt with white lace on the edges, and some new panties. i saw billie and evan there too. we ate dessert with them in ruby tuesdays. then me and matty left.

today is band practice, i hope everyone makes it!

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