San Antonio Flea Market.

Today Larry and I went to the San Antonio flea market. The sign has a cute armadillo on it, so I made it a point to go. I picked up a few fabulous records and a gold birdie on a branch wall art (the back says 1967). Larry got some incense; I’ve totally made him a hippie.

So check out the swag…!





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The most pricey album was $3.00! The rest were a cool $1.

… & here are current photos of us going to eat an Italian dinner:

11 thoughts on “San Antonio Flea Market.

  1. Yeah this year is gone. I’m older, you’re older. My life doesn’t feel like it changed but it really REALLY has.

    And honey, I’m tellin’ ya, if they try and draft me in November, I’ll be catching the first plane home with three suitcases and I’ll be there by my 20th birthday.

    Just ask your sister first okay? :o)

  2. That pizza looks amazing.

    And I agree wholeheartedly about the Southwest having the best flea markets! I hated living in Phoenix, but LOVED all the crazy (and CHEAP) mid-century furniture/assorted nonsense I found!

  3. If you have a free weekend, head up to Austin for the flea market there. I’ve heard good things…

    (Also, my dad found the VH tour book in the office and took it, so it looks like I can’t send that down 🙁 HOWEVER I do have some cool stuff anyhow, so be on the lookout in the next few weeks! ♥ )

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