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i washed my car this weekend, and alas, a cold front. for florida, this means freezing cold dew all over my squeaky clean auto. yes, so it’s very cold, and i never seem to haul out the winter gear. i have tons of peacoats and fake fur glammy jackets… but i don’t wear them. i sacrifice function for fashion. however, i will dress up tomorrow. it’ll probably be warm by then.

school started monday. i have physics, web design, and “senior survival skills” at the high school. i take psychology, speech, and world religions at the community college this semester. i have my horrid 7pm-10pm class with billie, so it makes it a bit more bearable.

my college course scheduling was a bit wrong, so today i waited two hours in the admissions office for a measly add/drop. i was third, except the girl in front of me took an hour (literally) with the academic advisor i needed to see. i was two hours late for work, and since the lunch rush was already over, i got sent home. i could have made over $50 in tips. that college appointment was expensive… a whole $25/hour to sit there.

i’m not particularly pleased with any of my high school classes this semester; i was looking forward to meeting maybe a new friend. senior survival skills does have jeff steiler, an old swing dancing friend, but it also has an irritating chauvinist who drives an ugly jeep. that’s all that is discussed in there. cars. it’s like, expand your brains an inch, and change the subject once? i was also informed that cars have genders and limitations accordingly. “that car is such a girlie car!!” or “stupid girls, trying to race. yeah right.” i shot an angry response to that back at the offender. i’m not very fond of ignorant people, much less one that drives an ugly jeep raised 22 feet up. oh, the intellectuals in my area.

we’re learning flash in web class. i’m not too keen on it; flash isn’t going anywhere and it’s a waste of time. oh, and i’m numero two on spookylicious cam portal. how rad is that!

oh! two of my pieces are being published in the omnibus literary magazine! beauty and hypocrisy were two of the five pieces i submitted. i submitted beauty (an essay) last year, but it was rejected. hrmph. i’m glad, the girls at my school need to be enlightened.

i was really thinking about my future apartment. i was thinking about what i’d want it to look like. what kind of furniture i’d have. how clean and tidy my kitchen would be. i would have cupboards with nice glassware. the pantry would have canned corn, peas, chicken broth, and crushed tomatoes to make soups and dishes. it would be very clean and sanitary, with sun shining in between light coloured curtains. the living room would have an area rug and a cozy reading light, and lots of those big, fat pillows with tassles on the corners. my bedroom would have a nice comfy bed, with a nice big closet for all my clothes. oh, yes, matty would be a constant fixture in my apartment. he’d help me make dinner and feed my parakeet. maybe one day…

“we’re happy in my blue heaven.”

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