room photos

hotchocklit04: i got lip gloss and pretty fishnets
Poseur1039: i got a fat ass and ice cream fingers

yesterday was band practice. it went very well, and we got the boyfriend song pretty much down. for a first practice with all the new kids, it went well. i’m glad dave is helping me; he’s an organizer like me. i hate having to plan everything. that’s why it was so refreshing to have someone CALL ME and ask if we were having practice. wonderful!

school was boring today…wore my new jean capris and pink belt. and yesterday i cut matty’s ugly hair spider off his head. so his hair looked so lovely today. *sigh* in response to popular demand, here are some pictures of my room:

“it was california dreamin’ so we started screamin on such a winter’s day” anyways…i don’t have a lot to write, today was so uneventful. i just finished eating a mint klondike bar and plagerizing a paper.

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