room mate deguste.

this is why i am so ugh: my room mate. here is a brief list of my bitch-fest.

– the messiest, most cluttered person in existence. his room is so dusty, there was a thick layer of dust on a ROLL of tape on his windowsill.

– doesn’t have any window dressings in his room… no blinds, no curtains. i feel sorry for our neighbors.

– leaves crumbs and food out on the counter to attract bugs, as well as heaps of dirty dishes in the sink, with FOOD STUCK on them, rotting for days.

– when i evacuated for one of the hurricanes, our house lost power. he sat at home in the dark for days, while the entire contents of the fridge rotted and stank up the house like a landfill. it made me almost vomit on the steps when i finally arrived home after 10 hours of driving. his stupid frozen shrimp were to blame, he was too lazy to take them out and throw them away while he was sitting around doing nothing.

– when i confronted him about the bug problem, he said “it doesn’t really bother me that much.” GROSS!

– i let him borrow my internet/ethernet card so he could go online, until he could replace his that broke. it has been 5 months and he still has my card.

– i let him use a cute antique 1960’s chair that my mother gave me for a computer chair until he could afford his own. because he didn’t have a job, he sat at home ALL DAY in that chair online. it ended up breaking my irreplaceable chair and rubbing the cheery yellow vinyl off the back from his constant vegetative state.

– when he moved in, i asked “would you like trash duty or yard duty?” he wanted trash duty… meaning take the trash to the curb, 20 feet from the house, 2x a week and to bag up trash. he has taken the trash out twice since he moved in in july. i have taken care of the lawn, trimmed the hedges, weeded, etc.

– has dungeons & dragons groups over, and they’d stay til 1am when i had to get up for class at 6am.

– said dungeons & dragons groups left cigarette butt presents all over my lawn and garden.

– when he moved in, he didn’t have a bed, so i said he could sleep on my leather couch. he slept on the leather couch 4 months, and ignored my requests of putting sheets or a blanket down to prevent his disgustingness to get on my sofa. i don’t have a lot of nice things, but this is one of them.

– i heard from my aunt that she had a mattress set she was more than happy to give my room mate. a relatively new set, for free. i said he had to go pick it up (minutes from his work) and he is so fucking lazy that he still sleeps on a broken army cot in his room, and totally blew off my aunt’s generous offer.

– he pays his rent late often, because he “forgets”, and has to constantly ask me how much rent is.

– i had to make arrangements for a washer and dryer.

– i had to make arrangements for a vacuum cleaner.

– i had to make arrangements for pest control.

– i had to make arrangements for various home repairs.

– the back porch is screened in, a fine place for some patio furniture (like my next door neighbor has). instead, it was full of his shit, a moldy mattress egg crate, boxes of books, moldy lamps, trashcans, etc. i had to throw it all away.

– when lightbulbs burn out, i have to change them, because he’d sit in the dark rather than change lightbulbs.

– he had the nerve to tell me to finish painting the walls of the house because he was having a party and wanted the place to look nice. did he offer to help? no.

– he has the need to tell me about his sex life, which is almost non-existant and is just fucking weird anyway.

– i could go on forever, but i’ll add more later i’m sure.

i repeat, i will never live with another male. it’s almost enough to make me bat for the other team.

3 thoughts on “room mate deguste.

  1. For some reason, I could NOT stop laughing when I read the part about him sitting in the dark for days after you had evacuated for the hurricane.

    This guy sounds completely disgusting, and I say you force him out. Breaking the cute chair would have been the last straw for me.

  2. One of the rules we had when I had roommates is if you left the dishes out for more than one day, or overnight, they go in your bed.
    He probably spent the 3 days in the dark in his Hef robe. Ew.

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