Ringing In the New Year.

So, earlier I went and got something out of the bathroom cabinet… and it was.. all organized & clean. Evidently, while I was napping from a heinous UTI, my man went and cleaned out the cabinets, organized & straightened everything. Excuse me, sir. What planet are you from?

For New Year’s, Mister OCD and I went to see the San Antonio Symphony play a program entitled “A Night in Old Vienna,” featuring the best of Viennese waltzes. Save two, all were by Herr Johann Strauss, Jr. They played both of our favorites, mine being “Wiener Blut” and Larry’s, “Kaiser-Walzer.” I think we’d both die happy if Die Zauberflote was announced for this next season.

After the show, we stopped by the grocer, picked up a petit gâteau and watched the ball drop (pre-recorded!) on the teevee. It was my best New Year’s ever. No childish fighting, no hangovers; just a relaxing evening full of good company and beautiful music. It’s more than I could ever ask for…

(From my Christmas card)

“Words fail me when I try to describe exactly how happy you have made me in just a few short months. I have fallen completely in love with you and am enjoying every day that we spend together. I know that while apart for Christmas, you are the greatest gift of all, and everything I wanted Santa to bring!

… so yeah, Pink Martini in May!

One thought on “Ringing In the New Year.

  1. that’s…

    …such a cool video!

    it was on yv all the time just before i left the uk.

    fucking love the track too. i think its mint royale. they play it on xfm sometimes.

    thanks, cuz i was looking for this to show amy.

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