i got stood up again. i’m cute and i’m all dressed up and styling with no place to go, no one to see, and worse, no one to see me. i even did my hair different – i parted it on the side and clipped my bangs with a cutesy purple cloth clip. let this be a lesson – do not trust boyfriends and their lies. sixty to zero in point two seconds. or maybe just the floor. he TOLD me he was going to pick me up, and just didn’t. my mom said “oh, and he’s dependable too”. oh hell yes. my mom also suggested he got in an accident. probably did, but yeah, i’m a still writin’. and it’s my right to be upset – so let me be upset until i know otherwise. or even care.

it was so dumb yesterday – i went to evan’s house with stephanie and matt. matt picked us up and we went to blockbuster to pick out a video (hackers!). on the way there, i picked up his sketch book and just leafed through it. i’m sorry i did… there were pictures of this girl in there, one that i’m not really that cool with. sure she lives 2,000 miles away, but he swoons and shit over her, but all hush hush like. anyways, i’m like what the? why a million and one pictures of her in there? it’s not like i’m going out with him anyways, right? ugh. so yeah i got sort of upset and i didn’t want to talk to anyone. i sliced through my lip open with my front teeth to keep from spilling out. when we get to evan’s, he just stands like a moron in the back of his room the whole time, and didn’t say a word. rude? i didn’t really care all that much, i was having a fine time with evan and stephanie.

so i called him today, being the mature one, to talk. big mistake. he asks to hang out, and i say cool. he says he’ll pick me up. so i wait. and wait. and wait, like the idiot that i am. TWO HOURS! that’s my friday night after a hard day of work. so glad i have someone to support me.

i ran the restaurant today, with stephanie’s help with waiting tables. i cooked everything and it was the busiest day for two weeks there! i got double pay, which i appreciated greatly. high five for me!

on to big, bad, better things! today i saw austin powers, yeah, that goldmember one, with evan after we went to robby’s. it was lovely – and even had tom cruise in it! i was so very excited. too many beautiful people! foxy cleopatra was the prettiest girl i have ever seen! well, maybe not, but she was still so gorgeous. now, how would you go about finding gold glitter shadow like she had? or a cat charm necklace? i want some!

my mom came home from her month or so in north carolina. my dog is back, too. i don’t know if i like the idea very much. it was sort of peaceful around here.

i’m feeling pretty ugly and lonely at the present time. i just thought i’d scribble out an entry to vent. i have two friends that actually talk to me. this entry wasn’t very interesting. but i’ll be able to look back on it and smile about the bad times.

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