Real Update.

Today I caught a glimpse of my neighbor (I think)… first time in a year and some change! He’s actually… my age. He played music too loud when I moved in, and always too early, so I wrote him a little note that said “Could you turn your music down a little? I would so appreciate it!” & drew a cute smiley with earphones. This didn’t work, of course, so I wrote him an angry note later, which read something like:

Thanks a lot for waking me up at seven a.m. on the weekend after I worked until 1:30am. I really appreciate it.”

… I’m such a priss. But anyway, I looked like crap because I was coming home from work today & we had milled lumber all damn day. Nasty. But zoom, I’m moving out soon!

My AFOQT is in like, three weeks. I’m flippin’ the fuck out. In better news, Billie’s wedding is in a week! My graduation is in less than a month and my announcements arrived today, kind of banged up. Bastards. The font is super tiny because of all the shit they had to fit on there. See for yourself:

The President, Faculty and Graduating Class
The University of Central Florida
Brenna Marie Sapienza Martin
is a candidate for the degree of
Bachelors of Arts and Humanities
with a major in
Digital Media
with Film and Fine Arts minors
Graphic Design concentration
at the Commencement
Saturday morning, August fourth
Two thousand seven
at eight-thirty
at the University of Central Florida Arena

(Yeah, that’s 8:30am.)

I also designed my PARTY invites, w00t. If you want to see them, click here. You can invite yourself and feel special! Remember, fold it in the middle like a card for maximum effect.

Last night when I went to throw my trash out, there was a shitty model ship set by the dumpster. I boxed it up and sent it to my mom in a box labeled “24 Piece Set”. I wrote “I want that!” on a piece of paper and taped it inside. The ultimate Christmas/White Elephant pass-around gift.

LL&P, biznitches.

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