I’m watching Cabaret. Liza is still ugly. Her eyes look like they are going to drift off the sides of her head at any second.

I am very tired of the Merritt Island / Cocoa music scene. The people are pretentious and unfriendly, and I’m tired of dealing with shitty people. Your bands are NOT that good. As a real musician, trained in both jazz and classical, I can’t find much merit in anything anyone puts out. Oh well.

Bottom line: if you are a girl, you can’t make it in a band in this area. It seems there is always someone to hold you back.

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    • If you aren’t one of the chosen 6 in the brevard music scene, you are SOL. There is no support for the rest of us, ESPECIALLY women. About 15-20 bands have come and gone. The only one that had women is the one I started.

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