Random Thoughts

“Why is there a lipstick ring around the Glenkinchie bottle opening?” “I have no idea…”

Due to a base exercise, I had to live on base for a few days in the lovely facilities there. So lovely, in fact, that when I was in the middle of a room furniture snatch scramble (checking in before everyone else so you can swap your crappy furniture/bedding/lamps/fridge with theirs). I noticed above the top bunk bed right over where your head would lay (I arrived first — bottom bunk claimed), there was a brown, sagging ceiling tile (water damaged). I figured I’d swap that, too. I pulled down the tile, and there was a black garbage bag filled with an unknown liquid substance resting on top. Carefully, yet expeditiously, I replaced the tile back in its supports.

Additionally, I was called into work at 2130 (9:30pm) to begin my long day with the on-base exercise. I had been awake since 0700 that morning; I ended up in bed at 1430 (2:30pm), being awake for a total of 30 hours straight. I slept from 1430 until 0700 the next morning, literally hibernating for over 16 hours. Guess I made up the sleep I lost…

A nurse at the retirement home said I looked like a Sunday School teacher, then said Maria Von Trapp. She exclaimed that I looked “so nice”. I try to wear mostly black when I go perform, and a skirt… although I did wear black skinny trousers once. What a rebel. I wore this last week, with the scarf in my hair. Guess I can see where she’s coming from.

Minot has a public address system throughout the town for flood warnings, tornado warnings, incoming nuclear blast warnings, and they test it with tones and voice every Monday at 0930. Sometimes I like to pretend it’s the end of the world and it’s just going to be me and Otto Dog.

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