Quick Update.

This past weekend, Larry and I redecorated the bedroom. His stuff + my hippie chic/60s theme was not a very pleasant match. So, we pulled our forces together and did an art deco theme with opulent teal curtains and fabulous new curved wood furniture we bought.

Might I add, that I will never visit another IKEA again. Place is fucking crazy and makes me hate humans, no matter how small or large. Never again, although I did find a new bed frame, curtains and two picture frames to frame my paintings. On the other hand, I think it’s quite strange that on Valentine’s Day, I went to a gun show, and on our 5-month anniversary we hit up a world-famous barbeque joint. Always fucking classin’ it up over here in Texass.

Today I chose two unfortunate lieutenants to take over my job at the squadron. Thank god. Unloaded that shit.

Netflix sent me Follow the Fleet with Fred Astaire because it’s quite nautical. Not naughty, though.

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