Quick Update – O Rly?

Because I’m far too exhausted to complete a real, grammatically correct entry… this is a crash update in my life for the past two or so weeks:

– Passed my first big check ride. Messed up a fuel calculation before we even left the briefing room and I knew it; I was under so much stress I burst out crying and ran to the bathroom, thinking navigator school would end up like my flight school training. The captain supervising my check ride assured me everything was fine. I did pass, but feel like the world’s biggest pussy.

– Larry didn’t pass his the first time, so I had to worry all weekend about his re-check on Monday. Sunday night was spent going over the flight with him in detail to make sure he’d pass… after I worked so hard to get us in the same class together.

– My sister visited this weekend for her bachelorette visit. I took her to Corpus Christi beach and saw the Toadies in concert.

– Funny stuff: every stupid guy on the beach was just like Quagmire. My sister and I called them “gaggles of giggities” and “nests of Quags” and eventually “Hornitos” if they were Mexican.

– My flight commander called to remind me to turn in my leave paperwork (that may or may not be approved) to go to my sister’s wedding. Today, I spent an hour and a half fucking around with Air Force computers and outsmarting them so they’d print my paperwork. I threw a tantrum so loud in my flight commander’s office I’m sure the entire hallway of commanders heard me.

– This birth control has made me have extreme highs and lows. It’s either the birth control or the stress, or both. I want someone to take care of me for once. Larry comments on how crazy my highs and lows are and how quickly they change: on and off like a light switch. Some of that is the Gemini nature. Not sure what it is, but I just haven’t been happy lately… I miss my friends.

6 thoughts on “Quick Update – O Rly?

  1. my…


    1. evil dead
    2. alien
    3. hellboy?
    5. love actually?
    6. empire strike back
    8. o brother where art thou
    9. butch cassidy and the sundance kid
    10. the hot chick
    11. 2001 a space odyssey
    12. tron
    13. terminator “hey what’s wrong with this picture?!”

    love the alien pic. i have banged one out to that pic before. lol!

    • 1. YES
      2. YES
      3. YES
      5. no almost
      6. YES
      8. YES
      9. nope
      10. YES ( you know you loved that movie )
      11. YES (figured you’d get that one)
      12. nope, the right one is up in the comments
      13. YES

      sigourney weaver is my favorite underwear-clad hottie. i’d hit it. and “banged one out”? you’re GROSS! okay yeah me too.

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