Quick Quote, Lamer.

A conversation from two weeks ago in my bathroom.

Larry: “Hey can I use some of your Lamer lotion?”
Me: “My what? Lamer?”
Larry: “Yeah…?”

Going to Dallas this weekend to visit him. We have reservations at the Renaissance & The Old Warsaw (next to the pianist and violinist). Just need to get through this week of NUCLEAR BOMBER AIRCRAFT class.

… & here is a decent photo of me on a day my hair is not in a shit knot.

8 thoughts on “Quick Quote, Lamer.

  1. Sorry, unrelated to your post…

    HELP! I was listening to some of the mp3s on the discs you sent me ages back (thanks again, by the way).

    Can you tell me who does the song “What Would You Suggest?” (I don’t even know if that is the title of the song, as the mp3 is not named or tagged at all. It’s on Disc 6 – “018 Track 1.mp3”)

    Woman: I never saw a better night for ringin’ doorbells
    Man: Or shootin’ marbles
    Woman: Or eating peanuts
    Man: Or maybe makin’ love is best
    Woman: Now, what would you suggest?

    They sound so familiar. Is it from a movie?

  2. I love how La Mer smells (and how it makes my face look!). Seriously, I’m so glad you and I use the same products (despite feeling creepy about it, it’s nice to know of odd commonalities)

    Got the license today!

    Also, loving your hair. It gives you such a soft, glowy look.

    • But what does the LORD GOD say about just a license? Just kiddin’.

      It’s not creepy. It’s common sense to use good skin care products. I want to look like Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep & Angelica Huston when I get old. Hello!

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