Quand j’étais là…

What do you want to be?
A diplomat.
Do you have a large fortune?
Are you related to anyone famous?
Then forget about diplomacy.
Then what can I become?
An inquiring mind.
That’s not a career.
Not yet. Travel, write, translate.
Learn to live anywhere, beginning now.
The future’s bright for those who question.

It’s Friday. I am so exhausted from this week, even though I only had three flights this week instead of four. Let’s just say I have a lot to learn, although I do sound a little bit like a badass on the radio sometimes. I’m going to watch Roman Holiday, drink sparkling grape juice, and await a drunken, officer’s club orientation phone call from my man.

“So what are you going to order at the fabulous O-Club? Gin and tonic?”
“I’m going to settle on something a bit closer to my Marine roots… rum.”
“Is rum what Marines drink? I would have guessed high-leaded gasoline or armpit sweat with a dash of grenadine!”

.. & lastly, I bought the definitive winter coat. It’ll class yours right into the gutter. I walked into the crappy store here in Colorado, saw it on the poster, pointed and said, “I want that.” Of course, they didn’t carry it. Not taking no for an answer, since I already fell in love with it… I bought it online. Now I just need a black mink pillbox hat.

(Ralph Lauren – Chilton Houndstooth coat)

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