keep me safe from everything.

yesterday was the swing dance. i got all hussied up. i wore my black dress and rolled my hair. it took me twenty five minutes to pick a pair of shoes. i settled on a pair of black vintage t-straps.

i picked up stephanie and evan. they were all dressed great, too. we stole some cd’s from the cafe and then helped set up. stephanie had her pretty black fur coat on, the one i try to steal whenever i come to visit. evan wore his silver suit with this peacock blue shirt and suspenders! we looked like we fell out of the fourties.

i wondered if matty remembered that he was supposed to come so we could cut the rug. i called his house and his mother said he was mowing the lawn at the lot. i told her about the swing dance and she said he probably forgot. i called later and he was on his way. finally. they played too many meringue songs and not enough swing. i think they were secretly jealous of us.

my grandmother, who was a dance teacher when she was younger really liked to see us dance. she says we’re pretty good, but i don’t think we’re good good, yanno?

me driving.

today i saw a ferrari. me and matty are going to practice our dancing. evan and steph want to watch a sci-fi movie. we’ll just have to see what happens, as i eat oreos and drink lemonade. it’s just too hot to do anything else.

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