Yes, I’ve been very scarce. In the past week and a half, I:

– Drove thirteen and a half hours straight to get home from Colorado
– Saw the Vienna Boys Choir with Larry
– Cooked chicken carbonara, Moroccan lamb, paella and numerous gourmet breakfasts from scratch
– Went record shopping at a store in downtown San Antonio that has over 3,000+ titles and has floor to ceiling stacks
– Went to a Veteran’s Day philharmonic concert & took Larry to a swankass steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris to thank him for his service as a marine in Operation Iraqi Freedom
– Bought a 1961 Life magazine with Brigitte Bardot on the cover
– Woke up next to an extremely beautiful man each morning
– Been the most content and appreciated I’ve ever been don’t know quite how to handle it

dueling oliver peoples.

Upcoming events include Thanksgiving in Dallas, a concert of The Messiah, The Nutcracker, and San Antonio Symphony plays Holiday Pops. Oh yeah, and GWAR

Yesterday I was a part of an Air Force exercise where I was a victim of an airplane crash. Three of us had major blood and guts makeup, and yes, I did my own SFX makeup to save the sergeants time. I had a broken femur that was sticking up out of my leg. Who knew special effects makeup talent would have proven useful in the Air Force? Anyway, I was supposed to be the “star patient,” and scream and yell in pain while the emergency response took care of me. I was so loud that people said they heard me over the F-22s across the parking lot! Evidently they liked the performance because they were filming me as I was hosed off with fire hoses on a stretcher, screaming my head off. I then shivered on a stretcher in fifty degree weather, soaking wet while they put my leg in a cast and continuously checked on me. Larry had a simulated chest wound that was open to his lung. I found that extremely highlarious because they had to affix the “wound” with spirit gum. As you all know from the photos, he’s half werewolf… Luckily, I had some spirit gum remover in my arsenal at home. I’m handy like that.

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