woo, i wish i had something interesting going on in my life. let’s see. i have a draining job, a dramatic romance, three or four close friends, and i am the drummer in evan’s band! clearance on aisle four.

band practice for FOAD was on tuesday night. robby said we could use his drum set at his house, but he went to the goblyn show in orlando and had to leave. so we tracked down daniel and used his… but the thing was there was only a snare. so i played drums on two rubber trash cans, a shovel, and a snare. but hey, it served its purpose for the time being. we ended up getting one song finished, or almost. it was too hot and i was dying. but at least i was pretty, dammit.

i found out the cook at the restaurant i work at is having to leave because of a family emergency on friday and saturday. i will have to manage and cook the restaurant by myself for two days! i’m so scared.. but i think everything will go okay… that is if i don’t set any fires or cause major flooding.

last night i wore my new pink dress with a lacey slip that stuck out the bottom a little. matt said it looked like an 80’s house dress. charming.

i would like to think i looked like a doll. maybe i did look like a girl in an 80’s house dress. how horrid.

matty’s ugly mug at steak n’ shake.

my trashy saloon / victorian dress came yesterday. the skirt part is too big, so i will be sending it back for a medium. then i will post vain pictures until i am blue in the face.

the boys had talked about something special for me and stephanie for a few days now. since the plans miraculously fell through, i found out what they were. i’m crafty. evan and matty were going to cook us dinner at evan’s, then get all spiffy in suits and pick us up! now that’s how to treat a lady! and i’m sitting here being tawdry listening to lords of acid.

today i sliced my thumb open with a serrated knife while cutting lemons.

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