Pink Martini, Live.

Last night Larry and I went to the Chart House for dinner atop the Tower of the Americas. After, we walked a block or two to the Lila Cockrell theater to see Pink Martini, backed by the San Antonio Symphony. Our seats were ten rows back from the stage. They played all the good ones, including “Brazil”, “Amado Mio”, “The Flying Squirrel”, “Donde Estas, Yolanda”, “Anna”, “Sway”, and even a couple new ones from their upcoming album Splendor in the Grass. The show, unfortunately, breezed by too quickly.

This weekend coming up is my sister’s wedding at the Biltmore Estate. The commander approved our leave… However, we have a test Friday & if we don’t pass, supposedly we can’t go after all. Don’t worry, I’m going to pass.

This week we will be using the radar for the first time in the plane. Very interesting.

In other news, I redecorated the bedroom when Larry moved in because his books and “serious stuff” clashed so poorly with my hippie chic. Here’s the Art Deco makeover:

A fine picture of Larry’s bureau. The wood is a dark cherry and the face is curved wood with deco silver pulls. The dark teal curtains are 108″ long and almost touch the ceiling to make an interesting headboard. The framed 8×10’s are Clark Gable with Jean Harlow (released to promote Saratoga, 1937, and a photo of Louise Brooks below.

My own SS officer’s hat and an “old time” photo of me. I’ve had that deco ceramic cat since I moved out for college; I bought it at some antique store. I forgot where, really. The other item is Larry’s German WWII SS helmet.

Larry’s German Army hat on his bookshelf. That poster he had framed was a fraction of the cost of the frame. That’s my antique desk I let him use for an “office” (aka man-space).

A close up of the bookshelf. My antique Rediflex camera is nestled between the books there.

This is “my” side of the room. I’ve had that framed sheet music since I moved out to college, as well. The carved wooden wall sculpture was one of the things my grandfather brought back from China in the 1950s.

I have a small, hollow white ivory owl that holds earplugs. I’m a very light sleeper. The teal shade matches the curtains to a T. The side table has the same curve as the larger bureau. The books is A Fine Balance.

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