Here is a picture of my dog enjoying the sun:

& here is a photo of me right now on my day off:

So the Rock is going to be in “Get Smart”, which is probably going to be the best movie I’ve ever seen… and with this new information, the best anyone has literally, ever seen. He’s a major deal hottie. A Rock movie to make up for that awful one about his so-called daughter that disgraced screens a few months ago. So I can die happy now.

A big gun, leather gloves, and the Rock. You have my attention.

This entry, so far, was composed of a photo of my dog, me and some drivel about the Rock. Exciting, folks, really.

Lastly, I was worried about my sister’s graduation present cos’ she’s graduating from UCF. I finally thought of something the other night: A Speak & Math. We played for hours on that thing as kids and I thought she might like the blast from the past. Bet she hasn’t thought of a Speak & Math in 15 years. I’m bringin’ it back. Oh, and I got her a really beautiful pair of Betsey Johnson earrings in case the Speak & Math is a complete epic fail.

Today I saw Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanomo Bay. Totally wickedly highlarious. It was like a modern-day Blazing Saddles so go see it. Then throw a bottomless party.

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