piano (wo)man

hearing: mae west & cary grant | feeling: “simply grand”

today was an extraordinary day of shopping! i hit up bed bath & beyond for a pillow top for my bed. i also picked up a candle. one of those real fancy kinds. it smells like fresh laundry to hide the fact that mine isn’t. next, i went to target and bought a new picture frame for my latest collage. i hung it in my bathroom; there were no decorations in there at all. (click to see it bigger)

i took myself out to lunch today. the waitresses kept calling me sweetie and hun. things in there had spidey webs on them. and somehow a carrot sliver made its way into my caesar salad.

i do not own finger nail polish remover… but i do own a new camera. and a botched dye job.

instead of blue, the tint came out rainbow – orange, yellow, and green. it could be neat, but i’m not sure. no.

purchased a few posters for decorating. one is a french poster of i’m no angel, with mae west.

i also bought an 8×10 of fred astaire, and a gone with the wind poster for over the couch. i can’t wait to personalize my place – it’ll be like stepping into an old theater.

tomorrow i pick up my electric piano. maybe one day i’ll post a sound clip of me playing. now i just have to sell my old one, and starve for two years to pay for it. and then there’s that trip to georgia this fall…

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