Personal Update. Nav? EWO?

So this week has been absolutely nutso. I’ve been in the Electronic Warfare segment of navigator training; it’s about six weeks long. After three tests, over 85 threat systems & statistics for each memorized, and an understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, there was one last hurdle: a briefing. My section of the briefing (in front of a master Electronic Warfare Lt Col), I talked about missiles and characteristics. He even fired a question at me & I hit it out of the park. Sweet.

That afternoon, we had our “Scarf Drop” party, meaning this was the time we have to each make our first big career choice: learn advanced navigation techniques, or learn advanced electronic warfare techniques. I planned the entire party around an “iPod” theme, because of our class patch (which I also designed).

Well, the idea of a scarf drop is that your flight commander calls everyone’s name out one at a time in order of class ranking. Depending on how many navigator or EWO slots there are, you get your choice… or if you’re one of the last, you don’t… you take whatever is left. We had five EWO slots and twelve navigator slots.

Usually the drop parties are totally lame & stupid and nobody wants to go. Ours had about 100 people, the wing commander and a sprinkling of other colonels as well. When your name was called, a song you picked out would play, and you’d pick navigator (blue scarf) or EWO (patch) from this giant iPhone I made. When they (finally) got to my name, I was the last person to get a choice of what they wanted. I took Navigator. This means I have eight more simulators and a check ride until I get my wings in December!

Thursday was a day off for me, but I got up at seven anyway. I cleaned out my car, went grocery shopping, made fourteen awesome iron-on t-shirts for our group’s “Honor Run” (timed 3.6 mile run), cleaned the house, and made minestrone soup from scratch.

Friday, I was up at 0600 for the honor run. Class at 0900 until 1300, then I went home, completely exhausted. I crashed for a while until Larry got home. We watched Bolt and went to bed early. Today we have riding lessons.

Larry needs Garanimals from Wal-mart so he can mix and match his clothes right.

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