I’m watching Mad Men for the first time, and in the pilot episode (set in 1960) the advertising exec snags Lucky Strikes as a client because he thought up the slogan “It’s Toasted.”

          … I have a 1934 magazine with an ad featuring Florenz Ziegfeld smoking a Lucky Strike with the slogan, “It’s Toasted!” splashed across the top. This really bothers me because it’s presented as a new idea on the show when it clearly isn’t. They can’t fool me… I’m annoyed they tried!

Yesterday I bought a lamp for my desk at Motif, and next door, I noticed a salon that takes walk-ins. I went in today, and an hour after I walked in, I had the best haircut I’ve ever paid for. I love San Antonio! But I miss Stephy Dee.

Oh yes, because you all needed to see a photo of my lunch…

It’s my favorite sandwich: Turkey and muenster, lingonberry jam, spinach leaves, and hippie wheat bread.

What would you trade yours for?

No, not a Klondike bar. I ♥ bangs!

I wish I had $600 for this & this right here.

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    • I was thinking the opposite… I hate that workplace! I would hate working and living in that time. Everyone is so catty and pretentious and traditional. The only good stuff is the music and clothes, duh! ♥

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