Perfectly Marvelous!

I think people are perfectly marvelous, I really do, Cliff. Don’t you? I don’t think people should have to explain anything. For example, if I should paint my fingernails green and it just so happens I do paint them green, well, if anyone should ask me why, I say:

“I think it’s pretty!” (“I think it’s pretty,” I reply.)

So, if anyone should ask about you and me, you have two alternatives: you can either say,

“Oh, yes, it’s true. We’re living in delicious sin.” Or you can simple tell the truth, and say:

I met this perfectly marvelous girl
In this perfectly wonderful place
As I lifted a glass
To the start of a marvelous year.
Before I knew she called on the phone,
Next moment I was no longer alone,
But sat reciting
Some perfectly beautiful verse,
In my charming American style.
How I dazzled her senses
Was truly no less than a crime.

Now I’ve this perfectly marvelous girl
In my perfectly beautiful room
And we’re living together
And having a marvelous time.

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