pen 15

let’s see. and please excuse the title. it was very…spontaneous.

today was a better day than any this weekend (except spending time with my billie). i suppose i should call her.

this morning at school, i realize i have an A in algebra 2. who is awesome? oh ya, not me. second period we had a substitute, and he was very…interesting. he had dyed black hair slicked into a ponytail. his black teeshirt was fitted and said “atlanta stage crew”. he has done stage setups and demolition for n’sync and such. impressive. billy grillo is running for class secretary, so i helped him with his campaign since today was the only day to campaign. i printed up three posters: they said “VOTE BILLY for SECRETARY 2003” with BILLY IDOL on the side. how awesome is that? but the bad thing was, by the end of the day, people had stolen the godly posters for themselves. hiney eaters.

todd completely ignores me now. what did i do? he’s doing it on purpose, i know it. so he’s a hiney eater, too.

ah yes, i know you’re waiting to hear about my lovely boyfriend. well! today was better, he said he sat home all weekend. i was like “why didn’t you do something with your friends! (because he was yelling at me friday about how he never had time for them)” and he’s like, “they never want to do anything then. they like to do things friday.”

guys. i will never understand the idiocy.

ya so i’m perfectly envious of this wonderful lady. she’s so creative and interesting, it makes my journal and website look like mush. like tuna salad day at the school cafeteria. like, well …you get it. go visit her site and relish in the wonderfulness. but she never sent me back and email after i sent her a long message about how heavenly she and her site was. what’s with the hiney eaters? bah. she’s allowed. even mine.

jesus perez, sat’s are in less than five days. and for some reason, i don’t give a damn. i know it’s my career and future…but i guess i’m just so used to just passing all the tests i take, and knowing my grades will come out right, that i’m just not worried at all. ya but when i get my 960 back, i’ll start studying then. *dies*

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