passing grade

hearing: smashing pumpkins – muzzle | mood: sleepy

first things first. i got my acceptance letter from the university of central florida yesterday! this means the college i was counting on going to is now counting on me to enroll! i’m quite excited. i have a future, maybe even in making sites! i feel like good things are going to come. a new life in orlando, a car, new situation, new city. an actual city. orlando is a big city, and i can’t wait to explore.

last night i went to my algebra class. we took a quiz. i can’t say i knew any of the answers, not even one. i’m in a bad way – if i don’t make a c in that class, i won’t get high school or college credit. i’ll have to retake it next semester… and what’s worse is i have to take 7 classes next semester to make up the credit. why can’t the professor just see that i’m trying very hard, but his class is impossible? and so much for those thoughts of actually graduating high school. bummer.

whilst on the subject, i have to rant about english. no matter what i write, the teacher gives me an 88 on all my papers. the last four she’s graded, whether it be stories, essays, or classwork… she gives me a lazy 88. i would be happy, but i try to do my best in that class. and no matter if i slack, i still get an 88. if i try, an 88 it is. i really despise that class.

after i took the quiz at my night class, i left. i drove down to matty’s to hang out, and tell him the good news about my acceptance letter. the weather was awful, and all the street lights looked like stars. we took a ride in his family’s new lincoln navigator big-ass SUV. i felt like i was scaling a cliff, and jumping out just the same.

we went to wal-mart, where i picked up some patterns for swing dresses. it was a super wal-mart, and they actually have a mcdonald’s inside of it! i remembered that they have a hello kitty happy meal, so i dragged matty over to the counter. i asked what the prize was, and the man said a keychain. that was pretty disappointing. i asked about the 5 cd holder and tattoos. he said they had those, too! so matty bought me it and i was happy.

damn you santa claus, why won’t you go away? it’s not even thanksgiving and you’re rearing your ugly head. i’m not ready for christmas yet, i’m still basking in halloween.

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