so, yes, a party! my party yesterday afternoon seemed to be quite a success. a lot of family came out to help celebrate my much anticipated graduation from high school, as well as my friends. everyone seemed to have a great time, and as stephanie put it, “i didn’t have to babysit any drunk people”. well aren’t we all thankful for that one! i guess everyone loves an old fashioned back yard barbeque and swimming party. i know i did, in my new marilyn monroe swimsuit.

matthew forgot his digital camera, so you get crappy quality photos a la moi.

(stephanie cameo)

(jay cameo)

(spotlight snazz)

(jay dead in the pool)

(chris being silly)

today i spent the afternoon and evening with the fabulous boy eating the bubbles in that last photo. he invited me over to see his parents’ new movie theater entertainment system they just built in their most beautiful home. the house just twists and turns forever into endless hallways and rooms. i think i can park my entire apartment in their kitchen. but anyhow, we watched the hot chick.

after that, he asked me to play the piano because i was saying i was teaching myself jazz pieces. he freaked out about it and all that and it made my ego towards playing worse. i need someone really great at piano to give me more inspiration… make me want to work harder. i’ve gotten a bit lazy.

we gabbed for a bit later, about life after high school, significant others, and teachers. about dogs, computers, and jobs. you know, conversation. it was pleasant. he calls me his “mature friend”. i told him i hoped that didn’t mean boring. he’s going to the merchant marine academy in july.

today i went to the lutheran church to meet my grandmother there, but she never showed up. turns out she skipped out like a heathan and went partying. oh, grandma, what will i do with you? a 67 year old man hit on me, asking me where my husband was. when i told him i wasn’t married, he asked with wide-eyes “well why not!” i told him my age, and he thought i was in my twenties. maybe because he kept staring at my knees. knees always make you seem older than you really are.

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