it’s overcast. no rain, but no sun either. kinda like my dreary day.

i wore my new red lipstick. i’m the only tramp in school to wear red lipstick. i got many double takes. and this lipstick, unlike my other reds, stays on. very nice. and i sound like a cover girl ad.

kim bought $20 of stuff out of my store, and gave me $15. then she gave me the black and white skirt back and said it didn’t fit. if it fits me, it’s gonna fit her. oh well. maybe she didn’t like it all that much.

i’m really tired of everybody and their stupid ways of getting around things. i just want this year to be over really bad. hell, i want high school to be over really bad. it seems like i dislike most everyone at my school, but there’s good reason why to that.

i was sorta pissed at matt all day, not sure why, but i was. just because. that and he said he would go pattern and fabric shopping with me today, but instead ditched me and saw “attack of the clones” crap new star wars garbage. how come if everyone dislikes me so much to not invite me, but invite my boyfriend, why don’t they just tell me to my face? i’m sorry i’m not good enough for your cliquey standards. or your movie outings. oh, but when they get ignored in these sorts of situations, i hear about it for a week after. stop being stupid hypocrites. my mom says matt’s cheating on me. ha ha. she’s probably right.

this saturday i wanna hang out with marci and go thrifting or something. we were talking about how i was totally ditched, and she says it’s happened to her a gazillion times by these same people. once again, we’re the outsiders. we’re going to sew dresses this summer. maybe i can help her a little.

everyone is signing yearbooks at school, and i don’t have mine because matt didn’t bring it to school. this happened last year too. but this is me learning. i don’t have pretty stickers this year. i don’t have pretty markers. i don’t feel pretty enough.

i am the bride from hell?

my mom said she saw the tremor (jill) smoking cigarettes in the parking lot of the school. she looked suprised to see my mom. i hope she chokes on her nicotine. what a disgusting person.

i need a vacation.

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