ouch! the gym

hearing: tool – eulogy | feeling: achey

i have the most terrific raccoon eyes ever. in a bad way.

i spent a bit of time with billie the other day. we went to dinner and took some photos. observe.

today i was rudely awaken at 1:30pm. jesse called and wanted to go to lunch. so i guess it wasn’t all rude. we went to the gym later, and can i say the gym is totally kicking my ass. the stairstepper treadmill thing is awesome. the whole ucf gym is really new, has every kind of machine conceivable, and is freezing! i will be in shape for this october. and… nobody likes a flapper with extra gook flapping around. oh yes, i will be in shape.

bah, i’ve been updating my livejournal more often; i feel like more people read it. however, it says i get about 200 hits a day here, so somebody is reading all this muck. i have a feeling it’s a helluvalotta aquaintances and people i’ve cut off. not that it matters all that much, but i still wonder where all these hits are coming from!

there’s something odd about this photo…

i wish it was still fashionable to hold a parasol when walking outside.

i have come to the conclusion that i am a gold digger at heart, but since i am happy with matthew, i am an official tin foil digger. the kid’s got brains and personality, but moths in the pocketbook. not that it matters… because he’s a big stuffed polar bear no matter how much he protests. he is the original punk rock princess. when is this awful fad going to go out of style?

get angry everyone, and type type!

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