OTS = Done-plete!

So I finished my last week of OTS floating on a cloud. I finished the wing video for the awards ceremony I had to organize – every OT’s family and the command section of Officer Training School would be there. Needless to say, it was a hit.

I went to dining-in, which had a uniform of Back to the Future III for the ladies (those of you who aren’t familiar: think western school teacher from the 1800s). Below are some photos of such and also lots more from other occasions.

OT Kellams and I before Dining-In.

World class officers of character. Literally.

OT Quinland looks like Lurch from the Addam’s Family.

Not sure what’s going on in this photo, but OT Rademacher talks about Stephen Hawking with me and has a really nice camera.

Me and the hunktastic men of flight 1-13.

For my commissioning ceremony, since Dicks wouldn’t be there, as a lower classman and from a different squadron, he volunteered to hold the pillow that the gold bars are placed on. This takes both humility and balls to do: being that, as I mentioned before, the commanders were there. He made sure my 24k bars were displayed correctly and well taken care of, and he got to be a part of my ceremony and see me get my commission.

Me & my niece Hannah!

My sister and her fiance, Eric, drove up and wore their Army class A’s. Everyone looked sharp and I have photos to prove it. I was commissioned by newly pinned Lt Riker, pinned on by my grandmother and my father, and given a first salute by my sister. It was all too perfect. Everyone near and dear to me was present and it just made the day so amazing and special.

My sister giving me a salute.

2d Lt Martin, OT 1st Lt Dicks, Sgt Ferguson, Spc Martin.

Me on the rooftop of the pool from Labor Day. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Co-pilot aka OT Hottie.

Me and my buddy Jacob. He’s a crew chief at Eglin where we were touring. He helped me sort out if the Air Force was right for me. ♥

About to go kill some ‘toons…

G.I. Joe and Jane.

Thrown in unabashedly and quite simply because of the hottie factor.

On the drive from Montgomery, AL to Dallas, TX, I had to have highway patrol change one of my tires and escort me to the scariest tire place ever to replace it. They had deer heads all over the walls, and pine tree air fresheners hanging from the antlers. This black lady had two little kids running around and when the trooper left, she said “See that man over there? Stay away from him cos’ he gonna take you to jail. You don’t wanna go to jail do you?” Yikes… Dicks and I would have been laughing at everything. Not saying anything, just making fun of everything by laughing. Sarcasm, what?

They didn’t take debit/credit or checks… but they took mine.

Anyway, back on the road I go, until about five minutes later when a different state trooper from Louisiana pulls me over for going 83 in a 70. I talked my way out of that one, and he said, “Well, lieutenant, keep it under 80 from now on and we won’t have a problem…” Bienvenue a Louisiane!

On the way over, I was texting Dicks most of the time. He really is missing me lots and is taking it pretty hard. His dining-in, however, is a dining-out, and guess who’s going to be his guest? Yeah, I gotta wear that dorky 1800’s school teacher uniform again. My parents met him while he was on command post duties, and my dad said “He has a nice firm handshake. I like that.” Yeah they love him already (besides being a marine) because I am so smitten and vice versa. Gotta love that sappy shit… What is wrong with me? I’ve been walking around with a perma-grin and I can just sit and think for hours.

Shreveport, LA skyline.

So I hear the shopping in Dallas isn’t half bad… tomorrow I’m going to venture out to a swanky mall and do some damage. Tonight, I have to sort through old clothing to make room. Goodbye, cheapy cheaps! My mother is making me a knock off Michael Kors dress. It’s going to be fabulous! And my dad bought me some swanky leather gloves for Colorado:

It’s a $1,800 dress. Mine will be priceless, thanks.

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