oscar rant.

once again, i am so disappointed in hollywood. another year rolls by, more unoriginal movies are cranked out, and the most hyped of the hyped and the most cg of the cg and the least dialogue wins best picture.

“girl with the pearl earring” should have won best costume design. those elaborate gowns and makeup… oh my. and it also should have won set design. it looked like you were watching renaissance paintings. it’s a shame. what entertainment have we been reduced to today? there’s no memorable lines from lord of the rings. and if we’re talking “epics”, then how can you EVEN compare those crappy trilogy movies to “gone with the wind” and “the lawrence of arabia”? – that’s right, there IS no comparison. clark gable and vivian leigh and hattie mcdaniel? do you even KNOW who they are?

“it happened one night”. “wings”. “an american in paris”. “casablanca”. “the sting”. “braveheart”. “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest”.

don’t EVEN compare them to that rag of cinema.

on a happier note, i just wanted johnny depp and jude law to start making out. that would have made my millenia!!

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