Mm, smell that delicious x-mess cheer in the air!

I managed to send out twenty-two Christmas cards (with photos) this year. Talk about a first! I figure I’m twenty-three and it’s past due, especially because I have a “real job” and I’m living in a “real city.” Speaking of real city, I’ve been living like a real city gal – last weekend I went to the ballet and to see the Messiah. Tonight? The symphony! At Larry’s first ballet, he wore jeans and a scruffy Marine undershirt. Whatever. He’s a Marine. He can do whatever the fuck he wants. Just try to tell him otherwise…

Right now, is angrily scratching out his x-mess cards. A minute ago he sealed one without a photo, had to tear the back open again, then asked if I had any tape. He’s still singing along to the Christmas music playing, though.

So my six weeks January and February class back in Alabama (yes, the same place I went to OTS) for Air & Space Basic Course was cancelled because someone at OTS didn’t fill out my paperwork right. I’m supposed be going after navigator training before SERE training now. However, Larry and I have the same navigator class date. It’s “endangered” because I’ll be in casual status for three months and they may move my class date sooner (dear god I hope not).

Enough of that schlock. On to the good stuff: here’s a photo of us last night at the 562d Flying Training Squadron Christmas Party…

Larry said the Air Force doesn’t party it up like the corps does… in response, one of his buddies wrote:

“Of course not, the Air Force values things like, “personal well-being,” and, “responsibility off duty,” where Marines encourage each other to drink lacquer thinner from the hazmat locker just because, “liberty is boring today.”

I wore this dress, but sewed a red satin sash at the waist instead to match my heels for extra Christmas cheer. I also added red feathers to my hat to match, and a sparkly starburst brooch. I struck fear and jealousy into the hearts of many; Santa’s little heart slayer!

In health news, yesterday I got on my first medical birth control. I got implanon, the plastic rod that sits in your arm for three years. I’m far too irresponsible and flighty for the pill, so this kicks ass, for real. & the best part – the Air Force paid for everything! Pssh, leave it to me to pick the most expensive contraceptive. Whoops.

In case you were wondering, I cut Larry’s hair (at least once a week). Yesterday, he insisted on a skin-tight high and tight as we were getting ready for the Christmas party. I think it’s a horrible haircut. High and tight is one thing, skin tight? Not so cute… It took forever too because of how exact you have to get it. Talk about time jack before the party.

So Monday I am flying out to see my parents, my sister, her fiance, my niece, and my aunt. Most importantly, I get to see my two dachshunds! Well, technically, only one is mine… the other is a new one that replaced Truffle, who died while I was at OTS.

I got my parents two tickets to see Billy Joel & Elton John. I got my sister $50 to Victoria’s Secret, and her fiancee, Eric, Band of Brothers on DVD. Little Hannah needs a gift still – there’s a neat toy store near my house I’m going to check out today.

Finished a painting for Mr. Man’s gift:

I like it because there’s no up or down.
It’s supposed to symbolize equality and the black and white “no bullshit” of our relationship.

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  1. There is a huge thing where I live. I like to refer to it as the “Breakup Epidemic 2005.” The boy and I [unfortunetly] broke up after 16 months in February, and then almost everyone and their mothers did too. It was so depressing, even the weather turned on us.

  2. Welcome Back

    Sigh alas its the summer lovin blues for a lot of people. As for me I dunno Im soo confused I have stopped being as assertive toward the ladys but I still like to hang out with them and would like a relationship; I took Sarah out to see two movies at waterford tonight nothing special happend i dont think lol sigh Im too much of a nerd… Call me Im free this weekend mwah

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