Onward to Winter?

Best news first! My sister is pregnant with her third baby! She found out and told the family yesterday: what excitement! She has two little girls already, so it’s a toss up for a boy or girl this time! She makes the cutest babies, so the family is just over the moon about the whole idea. Lucky stiff. At 31, she’ll be done with having babies before I even start. How about that.

Lately, I have had a lesser workload in the office. Boy does my personality change when I’m not under stress every waking moment! I feel really great – like myself. At work I’ve been gearing up for a check ride, which is basically where an evaluator sits behind you and watches your actions on a flight, to decide whether you should continue to be considered a safe, tip top air crew member. I’m not worried, I just treat it like any other flight. Flyers do a check ride a little less than yearly. I do my weapons pre-flight demonstration on Thursday. Yes, “break a leg” applies here!

So with Halloween around the corner, my pals and I decided to go to the various festivities as the most classic Halloween costume: NERDS. Yes, I do have (and play) an accordion. Revenge of the Nerds fans, take heart!

The temperature is dropping here up North, not quite as quickly as in recent years, however! We have yet to see snow. My birds are fattening up for winter like little cotton balls! And by “my birds”, I mean the visitors to my outdoor feeders. Nothing brings me a unique joy like birdwatching! I was staring out the window the other day, and one of the neighbor’s ne’er-do-well teenager friends was scaring and chasing my birds and squirrels. I opened the kitchen window and yelled “I see you! Stop scaring my birds. Get out of my yard, Justin Bieber!” and shut the window. With slumped shoulders and a defeated look, he shuffled away down the alley with that ridiculous haircut. …And now my transformation into an eighty-five year old woman is complete. I treat birds like pets, play jazz standards on the piano, watch black and white musicals, yell at teenagers, and talk about the “good ol’ days”… of which I wasn’t even alive for. You know, the usual.

The picture below is me with pals at a local art auction and sale. The theme was a “French Gala”, but the only French part about it was the wine and cheesy “Moulin Rouge” dancers straight out of the high school jailbait dance group. If it were up to me, the music would have been pumping’ some Line Renaud, Maurice Chevalier, Lucienne Delyle and Juliette Gréco to get that fête started! Everyone loves pervy ol’ Maurice! But it was great to see some of the locals dressed up to impress. One lady even asked if I shopped Bettie Page Clothing online. Awesome! The dress I was wearing was actually by Stop Staring!, but I look more like Melanie Laurent from Inglorious Basterds.

Gone are my blues,
And gone are my tears;
I’ve got good news
To shout in your ears.
The silver dollar has returned to the fold,
With silver you can turn your dreams to gold!

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