One Year Anniversary

Last night, Larry and I went out to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. We tried a restaurant we hadn’t before, and it had received decent reviews. Of course, the dining selections here in the diverse town of Minot, North Dakota are a smattering of Pizza Huts and McDonald’s offerings.

I wore a blue dress from Bettie Page, with a vintage 1940’s brooch I purchased aboard the Queen Mary 2. I carried a vintage 1940’s clutch that belonged to my mother-in-law when she was a kid. For my hair, I hate Bump-its and refuse to use them; instead, I sectioned a part of my hair and made a sort of victory roll on the crown, and laid the rest of the hair on top for height. I snapped a picture of the back below.

The restaurant was actually in a hotel (eep!) but it was pretty average! It even had a woman playing live guitar who was quite talented. For the fare, it had your typical pasta with cream sauce smothering everything, with the faux krab seafood… However, Larry said it was the best steak he’s had in town!

After, we wandered to 10 North Main for a cocktail and dessert. Upon our arrival at 9:15pm, the hostess told us there weren’t any tables because they had stopped serving food for the evening. At 9 o’clock. Nine. Nine at night. … So we grabbed a spot at the empty bar and continued to take in all that the bustling Minot Saturday nightlife had to offer. I wanted something sweet, and since dessert was out, I ordered a dreaded Chocolatini. I even apologized to the bartender for ordering something so terrible. But hey, it’s dessert in a glass! It’s thinking outside the box!

From across the restaurant, I spied a familiar face from work, two actually. They are my supervisors at work from at the top of the chain, one of them like an “assistant commander.” I introduced them to Larry and we chatted for a few minutes, and they were so kind as to buy our drinks and even strong armed the kitchen into making us a sundae! Unbeknownst to us, the bartender had also put in an order for a sundae. That’s a lot of sundaes. It was a very nice evening, but still small in a way after spending many weekends in Dallas and Austin, Texas, where many of our anniversaries have been spent.

I know I hardly talk about reads here, but I am in the midst of some very light, delightful reading of the Maisie Dobbs series. Amie recommended them to me, and I’m hooked. It takes place starting in the early 1900’s and continues through the depression. Being the klutz that I am, I spilled furniture polish all over my borrowed copy and luckily the local booksellers had an exact replacement. I’m not saying anything… Don’t you want to lend me a book now?

I added a list of blogs I read to the left. If you have linked me, I’ll be happy to link you back. Any good blogs I should know about? I’m in the market for some! Any suggestions are very welcome!

Lastly, I am headed to Alaska on Thursday. Larry’s leaving for his deployment training in Washington, D.C. Sunday morning. I think he’ll be back before he heads out for his actual deployment, just for a couple days. Let me tell you, I am getting very excited about Guam. I even bought a new swimsuit!

3 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary to you two! You look marvelous. I hate when places close or stop serving ridiculously early like that, my town is sort of like that… the only place you can go for a late night anything is Denny’s.

  2. Thank you, miss! The dress is a Bettie Page brand from the fall 2010 collection.

    My husband does a different job, he does some mission planning – he provides us with good information for our flights. Kind of like a handyman for any information you might need… a walking military Wikipedia! He was a US Marine before he went into the Air Force. He said the women are prettier in the Air Force 😉

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