On Second Thought

EP EVENING. Boy, the blog entries are at a screeching halt lately! I’ve been quite busy at work and at home; so sorry this creative outlet has fallen to the wayside. But boring apologies aside, I’ve been doing well with my job as the… you know what? I’m not going to talk about work because there are more interesting things to discuss.

Last night, a group of thirteen of us invaded 10 North Main for a fabulous evening out. Larry set everything up and played humble host as we were seated in a private back party room. No, not party room like the one you “reserved” at the McDonald’s for your birthday party… well perhaps there are some similarities… but anyway, the room was pretty rad – it had a turntable set up with one hundred or so vinyl records to choose from. I found a Dean Martin album and put that on, and they also had Herb Alpert albums, too! I played DJ (literally) until dessert, when another vinyl vixen stepped in with Kool & the Gang. Ladies’ night, anyone?

WINE-OH. — On the subject of ladies’ night, I was invited to a Squadron Spouses’ club wine party on base at one of the spouse’s houses (rhymes). A lot of the spouses are pretty reserved, but I brought a nice stiff red wine, a Layer Cake Shiraz, and didn’t wait for the crowd to start. It’s a wine party, let’s get the wine & party started, am I right? I was actually the only person to get dropped off and picked back up so I could enjoy a nice time. Thanks, Larry!

I met some new ladies and saw not-so-new ones that I’ve been in a group study with (Not new; like, a whole month old, haha). I had a fun time, and left around nine. Larry and I attempted to scrounge up some dinner, but every nicer restaurant in town had either closed or stop serving food. I had a supper of a bourbon cocktail and half an ice cream sundae. CLASSY SHIT. Speaking of which, here are the “prom photos” from the International Military Ball a few weeks ago. Steph and I both look like we don’t want to pose with our dates. Have to say the dates have significantly improved since my last prom rodeo, however.

RULES OF THE RUNWAY. — Spring has sprung and that means shopping for a few things for spring (and summer – cruise!) Because I have the most difficult time finding clothes that fit, with my freakishly long waist and ridiculous boobs, I’ve found it’s best to avoid shirt or dress descriptions bearing these adjectives: cowl-neck, draped, babydoll, slub, ruffle-front, boxy, shift, blouson, sheer, built-in bra, oversized, cropped, strappy, backless, empire waist. I did find a couple things, and I’ll try to be better about fashion posts. I receive most of my visit hits from google searches for the fashion-rabid, so Brace Yourself: More hairstyle and makeup pictures are coming. For now, here is an outfit that I’ve put together for springing into… spring. Clever.

HEALTHY BODY. — To follow up on the progress we’ve made since we watched the film Food Matters, Larry and I have cut out the following from our diet: high fructose corn syrup, most refined white sugar, vegetable oils (including corn oil & soybean oil), anything with the word “hydrogenated”, or any artificial sweeteners. I’ve been challenging myself to make healthy, delicious meals – and it’s really not that tough. You just have to trash the stuff in your house that’s bad and never look back. We’ve been eating a lot of soups with fresh ingredients. This morning I made awesome pancakes with whole wheat flour, honey, and coconut oil (instead of vegetable oil). Bon appetit & c’est magnifique! It seems like I have more energy and feel good about what foods I am putting into my body. Now, if I can just get into a workout routine… C’mon, weather!

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