Old People Sunburns.

My ancient next door neighbors are always outside messing around with plants right outside my window. Yeah, the houses in this neighborhood are so close you can hear somebody sneeze in the bathroom next door. I’ve never really had close neighbors, and apartments don’t really count because you can’t really SEE people that live next to you. I do value quiet, after living in Orlando for three years. Quiet is like cable TV, it’s nice when you can get it but you can always do without it.

I am getting excited about getting my studio apartment this fall. It’s gonna have deep pile carpet and a couple painting from Sears. I’m going to build some kickass shelving and a customized unit for my tv gaming systems. I’ll also make one for my records & player. I may splurge and buy a new turntable. I have a Technics from the early 80s, but it doesn’t work so hot anymore, and finding needles is always a bitch. My other one is a retro-styled Victrola, but takes up a lot of space. We’ll see.

We had kickball practice yesterday and even though it was ridiculously overcast & windy, and we were only out for an hour & a half, I got sunburned. I’m so out of shape it’s not even funny. I am all sore & pathetic. I do like to run though, long distances and everything.

If it’s 9am, I’m probably out of bed. Am I even the same person I was a few months ago? I haven’t really woken up naturally before say, noon, in years! And I’m going to bed before midnight! Living with my grandparents has really changed my sleep patterns. Soon enough I’ll be charging at the Golden Corral’s doors at 6am for the early bird specialty buffet. Speaking of Golden Corral, I got $10 off at RJ Gator’s. Man that place kicks ass.

10 days until Johann Strauss and nosebleed seats!!

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