old people are funny.

overheard at my boyfriend’s house:

“This sandwich is so good. It’s got ham and lettuce and…”
“Mother! That’s a peanut butter sandwich!”

8 thoughts on “old people are funny.

  1. What a beatiful picture of Ms. West. Wasnt that movie tons of fun?!! Cary Grant was so young and handsome in it. Her gowns were fabulous! The song at the end of the movie entitles Im No Angel was remade by Janet Klien and it is quite scintillating. You should read the book complicated women its wonderful!

  2. absolutely. have you read the feminine mystique? there is a lot of information about the “career” women of the 30’s and 40’s and how it changed into the late fourties and fifties. meh.
    i’ll see you friday! swing night! holy grounds 8:00 everyone attend!

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