Oktoberfest 2010

Guten Tag!

This past week went by rather quickly, with many events to end it. Friday evening was Barksdale AFB’s Oktoberfest celebration! They had a live polka band from Dallas, tents set up on the lawn, and rows and rows of long tables with fancy chairs to dine on the very German cuisine. I wore my dirndl from Germany, which has a beautifully embroidered bodice and skirt. The apron is a cream color and has delicate hand-sewn lace blooms; It really is a beautiful garment. Devin wore his lederhosen and a new shirt I helped him pick out at the thrift store earlier in the day. He needed something a little more teutonic than a plain dress shirt. There was one other older lady in a dirndl similar to mine, but in a brown color without the lace up bust. Details, details.

The music was playing and I very much wanted to dance. Naturally, none of the guys wanted to dance because “they didn’t know how”, or were scared that my beau would have a problem with it. Sissy boys. I asked a very handsome, gutsy pilot in my B-52 class if he would like to dance, and he agreed. I had a feeling he would’ve. He didn’t know how to polka, but I agreed to lead. When “Schützenliesl” began, he exclaimed, “We’re just dancing in a circle!” Towards the end, he started to get it. I must have puzzled him: “How do you know this song?” What fun! I thanked him profusely and he admitted he had a good time! However, I must admit that I missed Larry quite a bit. Last year I threw an Oktoberfest party at the Officer’s Club at Randolph AFB & we also went to Wurstfest in New Braunfels, TX. Larry sure knows how to dance, dress, speak and drive me crazy like a true Kraut! But of course, let’s not forget Devin, who was a great sport to accompany me and we had a fantastic time. I did lose the costume contest to an older lady in a rather awful $14.99 Halloween special. Total nepotism! I managed to take home a prize anyway; I think it made the other ladies a bit tiffed. It’s all in good fun! Everyone who dressed up deserved a prize in my opinion, especially pretty ladies. Es macht nichts!

Things are also going very well with my house. Everything is set to close on November twelfth! I also ordered a chandelier for the living room. Larry will probably be able to help me move, being that the Air Force is graduating my class two weeks late. No one was slated to be at my graduation, but looks like I might have someone fancy in attendance! The three of us are going to embark on our circus-like journey to North Dakota with a huge U-haul trailer truck, one SUV and one sports car. The first stop will be my folks’ house, twelve hours away. I might even get to meet my brand new niece, Kate, while I am there. The next circus stop will be twenty-four hours north at our final destination. Should be quite a trip!

Today was Devin’s birthday. I gave him a Dapper Dan tin from one of our favorite films, “O Brother Where Art Thou”. In fact, in a couple weeks we will be participants in a 1930’s murder mystery theater for a fundraiser on base. His character is actually named Dapper Dan. He also got a copy of the book Boardwalk Empire, on which the new HBO series is based. Perhaps it will help him get in character! I’ll be playing a demure and flirtatious nightclub singer. Stretch of the imagination, I’m sure. Time to haul out the foot-long, 1940’s vintage cigarette holder!

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