Oh, HI! Oh.

Two more simulator missions and a check ride. Then I’m off on my cross country flight to beautiful Dayton, Ohio. Usually, navigator students get to choose any Air Force base in the continental US to fly to for a weekend. You have to come up with some “educational activity” to justify the trip. Then you get paid extra money per day because you’re away on duty. The last class went to Key West. Before that, Boston. Before that, San Diego. We have to: 1) Talk to some people about our aircraft (which will be retired in less than a year) the mighty T-43, 2) Visit the aircraft history museum, AND 3) Attend a navigator convention for WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc. vets.

In better news, today I went shopping and bought “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” and I love them. They are high waisted and stretchy and fabulous. Go buy some. Down with low riders that show muffin tops, cracks and underwear! They look like shit on everyone and you know it!

Larry’s watching a show on sea otters. “Cute cute cute. They should invent pets that don’t shit. They should really work on that.” I’ve really turned him into an animal lover. “Aw, they’re lookin’ at the camera. So curious.”

For our anniversary, I got Larry and I VIP tickets to the opening night of the Austin Lyric Opera’s 2010 season. That’s November 7. He moves two hours away for his reassignment November 9. Anyway, the opera is La Boh√®me and I got us tickets for dinner and cocktails. I get to wear this. Fancy weekend ftw! One last big hurrah before I won’t be able to live with him until Minot, ND. That’s over a year away…

Costume party next Friday. Should I be Audrey Hepburn, a Nazi zombie, or the good ol’ standby, Alexander de Large? I’m all out of ideas. It’s Air Force-related so I can’t be too slutty. Damn.

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  1. holy damnation, that dress is amazing. Do people still get that fantastically formal to go to the opera?

    For some reason I can really dig high wasted skirts, but high wasted jeans just aren’t as impressive to me. I can also enjoy mid waste (not toooo high) dress pants on guys. Aaaannnddd, my roomate made this high waste bathing suit bottom which is pretty awesome:

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