When’s the time in your life where you start to understand how other people feel in emotional situations? I watched a movie today that I hadn’t seen in say, six years. I didn’t get it the first time I watched it. Now I know exactly what the film is about. When do we start to relate to other people, able to put ourselves in their shoes? Sometimes I feel like I’ve aged ten years in two.

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      that is the cutest thing i have ever seen. seriously. amy looks super skinny mini in this photo! you probably hear it all the time, but you guys look so happy together.

      love the scenexcore umbrella… it can’t wait for rainy days.

      • yeah…

        …we were happy that day. 😀

        amy loves her xscenexcorex umbrella. she got it on south street in philly in this punk shop. that’s why she got it, cuz its so “scene”! LOL. you know what she’s like.

  1. It’s actually really hard for teenagers to identify with the feelings of others due to crazy hormones and under-developed brains, so if you watched that movie when you were a teen, that could account for the difference!

    What’s the movie in question?

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