now we won’t play rawhide we won’t play anything.


i went to my design class, where we had to bring in pairs of shoes of which to make a 3-D model and sketch. everyone brought boring converse (all the scene kids. yawn.), atheletic shoes, or work shoes. yawn…yawn (ray’s guitar broke!). but me! i brought a pair of:

red mary janes!

50’s pumps!

and… a pair of 6″ platform stilettos!

the teacher said “now… those are stilettos!” damn straight. i know how to do it up. so he helped me plan the model of them, and later let me into his class. i am really relieved my schedule is perfect – after waiting an hour in line at the OASIS office, and declaring my major correctly. i hope my high heel model out of masking tape and wire doesn’t fall over.

i have been listening to far too much GWAR lately.

tonight is christmas gift exchange at my grandmother’s house. but now i am off to my computer science I lab. i do my updates at the UCF library in style!

“who wants us to play the theme song from the dinah shore show… who wants to be dinah shore… who’s alter ego is dinah shore? OH! fists didn’t go up so quickly this time.”

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