now this, this i condone

greetings, gals n’ pals! i’m back from the rotting putrid grave of death!

actually, my internet is back up and working, for the time being. let’s make this short so i don’t jinx anything.

it’s rare to see a gal wearing anything but jeans and teeshirts now a days. sometimes it’s comfortable, but it always mundane. dress up! step out! GET FANCY, DAMMIT.

excitement. pizazz. mystery. seduction. vamp vamp vamp. it ensnares all the men folk.

5 thoughts on “now this, this i condone

  1. Oh dear god… The sexual arousal I felt from the lovely Louise Brooks picture was instantly nullified by the horrid spectacle of the “goths” behind the cut. In fact, any time I need to curb sexual desire, I’m going to conjur up that second picture. I keep scrolling up to look at it and laughing some more.

    By the way, the pictures you posted in theflappers were gorgeous! Your eyebrows are very authentic looking. What a lovely little flapper you are!

  2. I try not to wear jeans and a shirt anymore, but sometimes it’s the best thing if I’m walking across campus, sitting in cold rooms, etc. I’ve been wearing a lot of skirts and dress pants lately. And I love my dresses . . . I need more of them. Anyone wanna go shopping after financial aid money comes in? 😉

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