Not Many Words

I would like to update more, however, I find it difficult lately to express anything for publication here. Personal setbacks (perhaps not) have made my words I write tiring. I always let these fickle gentlemen get to me. I guess you can say I have too much love to give, enough for two, in my opinion. I need to surround myself with those exceptional people who can accept every bit and offer the same in return. Life can be confusing, at best. I guess that’s why you spend most of it attempting to sort it all out.

This past week I had a terrific flight as navigator… and the chance to watch one of the World Cup games while working the flight desk. I’ve never watched a soccer game in my life, but I wondered why everyone had kept the secret about the handsome boys on the field from me! And from such a smattering of different cultures!

I’ve been gearing up for my move to North Dakota in the fall; I’ve been collecting many different design ideas for my apartment. I am looking at a historical two bedroom so I can have a study/art studio. I also want the decor to be like a hotel: I want to come home and feel like I am on vacation. Clean, neat, organized, simple and plush. Someone order me dimmer switches in bulk! Talk about romantic!

2 thoughts on “Not Many Words

  1. I hope you’ll find someone who deserves your love and kindness! And you got great taste for inspirational pics; they make me think about an old Hercule Poirot movie.

  2. Im looking at your round white bed room pic and all that comes to mind is a round rotating bed with a wet bar that slides out of the wall like in Down with Love. :xx

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