no more classes

hearing: prodigy – firestarter | mood: nice!

right! so i’m feeling jazzy – billie’s parents are out of town and she’s having a girlie girl sleepover on saturday. that should be exciting… and chaotic. i’m kind of excited, even though i don’t know the other girls very well. i haven’t done anything with the girls in a long time. i suppose it’s because i don’t really have “the girls.”

here are some pictures from the wonderful party last weekend. there were tons more, but i didn’t like them. oh, and my al jolson video came in the mail.

a girl named crystal. she had pink hair and drew on pink eyebrows.

katty being a jewish mother.

i watched all of the state of the union address. i sort of didn’t want to, but i got sucked in. i figured i enjoy american freedoms, the least i can do is sit my flamboyant ass on the couch while the president of my country sweats it for two hours. i’m not going to say i’m conservative, and i’m not going to say i’m liberal. but overall, what he had to say made a lot of sense.

so here i sit, fatassing it on the computer; eating a brownie. even after i swore off fat and food to look killer in my prom dress, screw it, i bought a waist cincher instead.

what of a parafin wax dip in liquid nitrogen? my physics teacher thought it was funny. it’s either die and rot in there, or pretend to pay attention and ask silly questions, like i do. i’m not sure whether the teacher thinks it’s annoying, or likes it.

new hair, check it.

having long hair makes everything more difficult. i really miss my chelsea days.

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