No Mistletoe-ing?

So I am in North Carolina with my family. I miss them, of course, but the usual family stuff always happens around the holidays. My mom and my sister start fighting incessantly on about the fourth day. Politics always come up, too.

Conservative. Liberal. Who cares. I just don’t like to hear negativity, really.

Tonight my family played Balderdash, a game where you make up bullshit definitions for obscure words and everyone tries to guess the real definition. I came up with such gems as:

komitek: a bitter Japanese vegetable bulb.
taringus: flowering peat moss.
maffle: a chart key.

And the other evening, Eric, my sister and I challenged my parents and my aunt to Trivial Pursuit (genus edition circa 1984) and we beat ’em, of course. I then beat my sister and Eric in Yahtzee, and my mother later. I play to win, what can I say?

Since Larry and I are on a three-hour time difference, we can’t seem to chat for more than a couple minutes each evening. He must have said “I miss you so much” like, 100 times at least last night, and that talking to me was the “best part of the day.” Three more days until:

… & here is a photo of me and my sister. How festive and smug at the same time.

Love me, love my brooch.

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