No Excuses?

SEAGALITE.Hilarious Florida story; well perhaps more sad than hilarious… or if you are me, it’s easily both. While eating at Coconuts beach bar for the second time in so many days (it’s a bar… on the beach. Can I go every day?) enjoying a fruity frozen drink, I only ran into one person unexpectedly from my past. There was this dude who we shall deem “OG” (because I believe I blogged a bit about him in my past journals circa 2006). OG would come into Blockbuster where I worked and rent every Steven Seagal movie we had on the shelf, without fail, on a weekly basis. OG looked like Elvis, with a tasty pompadour and everything. So, naturally, I asked him for his membership number and his phone number. Ended up hanging out a couple times, but he had a past of some chemical drug use that explained his spacey, outright unintelligent and “just not getting it” personality. So long story short, I spotted him behind my sunglasses while drinking lunch with my cousin Marjorie and Larry. He was… much heavier. My goodness, much heavier, much like his hero, Mr. Seagal. Although I must say, even as a bus boy, OG had a smile on his face. At least there is that. I guess drugs will do that to you.

Additionally, my class reunion seemed, in retrospect, that only the people who were obviously successful really showed up. Which is a shame, because it takes all types. Going to see people I barely knew in high school isn’t my idea of an OMG AWESOME! time, but I went just because I didn’t have an excuse not to. And if wrangling leave (aka vacation days in military lingo) for both Larry and I with our respective Lt Colonel bosses and flying from NORTH DAKOTA isn’t an excuse, I’d like to see what everyone else had come up with. Lameb0ts.

HOBOS.The move out of the house is slow and steady. We are living in an empty house without any furniture. It took the movers way more time than anticipated to pack up all our junk… which leads me to believe we have a superfluous amount of said junk. Now, don’t get me wrong, if it were my decision, I’d be back in a 1/1 in San Antonio, Texas. That apartment was amazing. Plus, when you’re in San Antonio, you are never home anyway because there is always shit going on and places to go. Talk about easy to clean, too. We just have a lot of hobbies… I have a bass and electric guitar, a piano, art paints and the such, tons of books, and cosplay outfits/materials. Speaking of cosplay, I am hoping to attend Megacon this year in Orlando. Larry says this may be relevant to his interests if he can go as a Skyrim character. As that is ambitious, I may just make a simple Azura costume (but hideous, I hate doing all over body paint – think of my Aurra Sing cosplay), or haul ol’ TANK GIRL out of mothballs. & speaking of Mz. Tank…

TANKINK.Here is a badass Tank Girl tattoo I found online that some guy in Europe is currently getting done:

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