New place photo post.

i got my camera fixed up… so expect more not-cameraphone posts.

… also i decided to finally post some pictures of my new apartment.

This is the living room sofa. The chair was given to me by my aunt… it’s been around since the late 60s. The little table to the left of the couch is an old metal school desk I found on the side of the road. I painted puke green and collaged the top:

Most of my furniture I find by the side of the road and rescue or it’s unloaded on me. Hey, I’m not one to turn down free shit.

I found this very 1960’s entertainment center neglected at a second hand store. I totally stripped it, repaired it and refinished it in a nice walnut finish.

I love owls! I have a lot of owl stuff from the 70s in my place.

This is the bar separating the kitchen from the living room. I have two barstools so people can eat here.

14 thoughts on “New place photo post.

  1. Looks great! You’re making me really anxious to get my own place next month so I can start decorating. I love all your prints on the wall behind the tv, I’m thinking something similar but with thicker frames. I just need to figure out where to get cheap frames first.

    • thanks! as a suggestion, walmart has some really cheap frames, all mine are from target minus the record frames. also try dollar general & thrift stores!

      i bet you’re excited about moving!

      • That’s a good idea! There’s a 2nd hand shop right by my work that I should check out. I’ll try Ikea when I’m there for furniture as well. I’m really excited about moving, although admittedly a little bit nervous about being on my own for once!

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