new jersey?

i wish i had a pal to eat dinner with tonight. alas! chicken noodle soup to myself on a rainy afternoon.

my piercing closed up after four hours without a retainer. i say dirty pool.

this is a notice anyone who hasn’t updated in at least a month, or more than three times a day is going to be GONE from the friends list. because i like to keep it small, exciting, and confidential… AND ELITE!

i love my apartment — but i need another room mate. any offers?

3 thoughts on “new jersey?

  1. Alas, nothing lasts forever….

    So it’s gone…it’s reall really gone?! I shall miss that small metallic ring in your septum. Oh, how i loved it so dear…the way it brought out your most elegant feature. Far well my precious….for you will be missed by all who knew you well….and now i shall go back to being the weird one….alone….:*(

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