new houses

hearing: manu chao – bongo bong | mood: annoyed

yesterday i stopped by matt’s to pick up an amp and to visit. about three minutes after i had gotten there, joe and kira showed up. they needed help moving into their new apartment. we said after we stopped at jay’s. as joe was in the other room, kira sat down and watched tv with us. sydney, matt’s two year old niece, was on my lap, and the movie “look who’s talking too” was on. i felt really bad, because of kira’s situation she had just endured. irony is cruel.

after joe and kira left, we went to jay’s new house. i took pictures of jay’s clothing he wants to sell for him, while matt zoned out with tekken 4. i told him he was being a terrific bore, but he didn’t hear me. i think. well jay gave me some rad fabric to sew my purses with. he gave me some violet velvet, some flannel plaid, and lots of pairs of old jeans to sew jean pocket purses. i’m excited about my new sewing machine! tonight i believe i will go pick up patterns and materials at wal-mart. or at least see what they have available. there’s never much choice for “cute” fabrics. dancing bears on clouds isn’t that appealing for a dress. my aunt offered to give me her circa 1950 sewing desk. i agreed, but i don’t have room for it until my sister moves out with the furniture.

jay is pure sex.

joe and kira’s new apartment is so very nice. it looks brand new. two bedrooms, two bathrooms for $550 a month. killer deal. they even have a patio! such a pretty place. i’m so happy they’re finally getting married. joe has wanted to be with kira ever since i’ve known him.

i hate fraternity boys. i really do.

my english short story is due tomorrow and the only idea i have is a slimy dead guy slithering out of someone’s reach. it was a dream i had last night. i was trapped in a horror movie… and then the sequel.

“look at how pretty the water is. it’s all black.”

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