My Sister’s Wedding.

So I went to my sister’s wedding on May 24th at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Larry and I were in the wedding party (me being maid of honor). Larry was friends with the groom in high school, if you all forgot.

The wedding was a great success. The turnout was amazing: not bad for a destination wedding. Everyone wanted to tour the Biltmore and see the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Larry and I arrived in Tennessee around midnight; we stayed in the Carnegie Hotel. It was a fabulous Art Deco-rated hotel with beautiful woodwork. I liked the bathroom because it was done in tiny white tiles and was outfitted with both a bathtub iand/i a shower stall. The next day, we drove to my parent’s house to see the family and my mother’s new basement. She decorated it like a cocktail lounge, complete with lots of leather chairs, a heated granite-top bar, 100″ screen TV, fire-y pizza oven, and fridges and wine cooler abounding. It was gorgeous… I kept asking, “You get to live here?” Larry liked their dachshund puppy, Streudel.

That evening we had the rehearsal dinner at a restaurant in Asheville. The menu included crab cakes, lamb chops and lots of martinis. I gave my maid of honor speech and made my sister tear up. I guess it was effective 🙂 I started it off with, “I brief majors and colonels on a daily basis, but I’m no good at speeches… But let’s give this a try…” I sat next to my mom, Hannah, and across from me was Eric’s mother and grandmother. Old people section. After, we headed over to Bonefish Grill for more partying. Very good time!

That night, I slept about four hours. I was a zombie! The hairstylist did my hair first, so no chance for a nap. The dresses were beautiful and looked great on everyone. I’ll leave the narration to the photos:

When the garter was pulled, Eric held these up instead! I hung them on their honeymoon suite door handle later… My uncle is displaying them here.

My cousin, my mom’s best friend’s daughter, and me.

My cousin Marjorie and her husband, Neil, who got married last October.

Might post more when the professional photographer’s photos come back.

My check ride is next week and Nav school is kicking my butt Napoleon. But, the good news is after the check ride next Thursday, I’ll have Friday, Sat, Sun, and Monday off… for my birthday.

Oh, yeah, I have signed up with Twitter (I didn’t even know what Twitter was 20 minutes ago). Username: MsPrecocious. See ya!

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  1. Looks just like the wedding I was in back in September. Love the giant underwear lol. I’m also on twitter but when I put in your user name nothing came up. I’m hellcat81 if you want to add.

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